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Minidx's ExtractText component and VB2005,VC2005 Demo download available (2008/02/10)
Minidx's ExtractText component  is a simple component to extract just the text from any file that has an IFilter installed. Available as a C++ COM component and as a C# .NET library.You can create your application(extract text) easily and with less coding with this component.
?The IFilter providers are used by Microsoft Index Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Server and Microsoft Desktop Search to extract the indexable text for a file. By using the same interfaces, it is possible to extract just the text from just about any file from Microsoft Word .DOC files,Excel .xls,Adobe PDF...etc.
Minidx.RC1.1 released(2007/10/20)

       -- fixed the bug when view original data(10.20)


Minidx.RC1.0 released(2007/08/18)

        -- Data format is changed(08.12)
        -- realized the compression function(08.12)
        -- revised the error which double click file couldn't show the file content(08.01)
        -- revised the error which document item couldn't show normally(08.01)
        -- revised the error when deleted the files consecutively the program would down(07.31)
        -- revised the errow when use chinese setup path would wrong(07.29)
        -- added the confirmation whether remove the data folder
        -- Some bugs were fixed

Search result high light
 The problem of search result high light is still under way. Scintilla doesn't supply the API then it is not be solved for one week delay.
 There is no advantage of reading XML. At the fact it is a burden to Minidx. But I am not familiar with XML at before then using TinyXML to do a config.xml as a study.
Have revised the problem of line No. reset to 0

 The default line No. max is thousand. When large than 999, the next will reset to 0.

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