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Together with Subdirectory load OK!
 All of the directory together with the subdirectory and file batch load successfully!
Width First Travel of Directory

 Take advantage of the stacks FILO solve the problem of width first travel of directory.

Search engine bug report - 190501

 Problem: If text has many same Chinese characters in different Chinese phrases, it will not been searched.
    Why: Since didn’t consider the recurrent Chinese characters at the beginning, the index of these characters are wrong.
   Status now: Have revised.


 * 「&」「 |」(AND OR). The AND was realized.
* Improve the search result speed.
* Document upload
* To do the Option
* The mouse right click method of ListView.
*  Combobox historical record list of Toolbar.
*  Register Function.
*  Package Setup.
*  Web Server Function.
*  Web Client (CGI) frame.
*  Phrase and short sentence without blank← finished
* Toolbar control← finished
* Status Bar ← 90% finished

Realize the search for serial words
 It succeeded when search the serial words like phrase or long sentence without blank.
Minidx moved to the new home

 Minidx has moved to the new home. Now the diskspace is 200 times larger than before . Hope the minidx grows heathly and happy.

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