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Create index seems succeeded

 Why to say “seems”? Since search module didn’t install. Just test creating the index. The index file was set up and the content were right. Each module was developed and test separately. At first didn’t consider the Unicode, so it failed when want to analysis the UTF8 encoding of multi-language mixed strings. Actually could took another way,  use IFilter and analysis the UTF16 directly then stored. Could get the token flow by words. Now simply identified Chinese, wide character and English but Number and Wide angle digital etc. need to deal with. Put them to the “to do” list and ignore the synonym and name now.

The function of binary file download completed
 Great! The function of binary file download was completed. It’s no problem for upload or download~~~!
Expect the Minidx born!!!!
 *Cancel the function of GUI.

           *The analysis module was finished. Although still has problem, even analysis the English but also the UTF8. But after all have prepared the frame.

           *Although knew how to solve the problem of Adobe IFilter6.0 but no time to deal with it.

           *MFC trouble but not difficult. Search engine is more make me headache.

                *OK, the Minidx will born soon…please wait patiently.Smile
Revised the error of IFilter extract massive text
 But the problem of PDF IFilter is not been solved only if load or unload by myself. So I’d better to wait the PDF new vision.
The problem of search engine module

 Today main task is search engine module. The problem is on analysis module. Number and English and Chinese should be identified. Since the internal code has been changed to UTF8, the Chinese and Japanese are same. Hope it could realize the search under dictionary or no dictionary module. Have read some open source analysis code but are not suit the multi-language especially for the English and Chinese and Japanese. And it is depended on the dictionary. So I decided spend more time on my own analysis module and conquered it then be used in the minidx system.

"Why not? Since I enjoy myself with it."

 "Why not? Since I enjoy myself with." it is said by the notepad++’s author when he was asked why developed the notepad++. Look back to my minidx. One year has passed if these time changed to the OT in office maybe the money could buy dozen of Notebook. Just a joke.  CoolI enjoy it that’s enough.

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