Minidx is Free software!
  Minidx is a professional file management has:

?The speedy full-text search engine find the document which need at the first time
?The own memory system which manage the important file under great security

?Manage the TB rank data but the amount of data has small effect on the system
?Using IFilter to get the text directly. Don't need to install office or other application
?Basic on Unicode and input/output multi-countries language normally

?High light the program grammar which makes reading various document convenience

?High light the search result and convenience for the users

?Realize the fuzzy inquiry and could recognize the synonym. Example when want to search the “where”,
    input the “whe” will show all the words begin from "whe" include when,where etc.

?The own web server(like a hosting server ) facilitated sharing the management document in internet or local network
?Precise search by the file create/edit/visit time or the file title or the file path or file content
?User could set the hypothesis to filter the unuseful words


Advantage of Minidx full-text search engine:

?It's very small and written by twenty thousand code line only

?Written by standard C/C++. Could run in all interpreted language OS environment

?Don’t need large memory and running normally under low hardware environment also

?Integrate to any system easily. Just add a few line of code the system can run the full-text search engine

?High speed even million record could return the result in millisecond

?Search by words, phrase also sentence

?“And” ,“Or” and two union could be done

?Because of the Unicode, multi-language string could do the mix search

?Precise search even if a punctuation marks could find out the allocation



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