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Background of the Mindx born
 There are many desktop search software, but mostly aims at all documents in PC. The user only can precisely to some kind of document and can't manage the important documents by themselves requirements.

Because of working, I frequently change the computer. Since doesn’t have the effective document management software, part of the documents will lost. And I don't  realize this until use. In family is also the same.

File management tool not only manage the documents effective but also help the user to find the relative data then user could define the documents by themselves. And realize the fast search.

There are multi-language in my computer. Some are Chinese simplified, some are Chinese traditional, some are the Japanese, some are the English and the operation system will also cut by different language. Therefore don’t hope the document management software will influent by the OS language environment.

In order to solve these problems, I decided to develop own search engine and integrate in the document management system. Then the Mindx born. Although it based on individual need, the design and development is defer to the mass data process. The Mindx can easily deal with the enterprise application.

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